Hi !

I am working on an educational project based on 3D printed objects to teach everyone how technologies for environment are working.

I will organize pedagogic workshops in the Grenoble FabLab every 2 months. The first one will deal with the energy coming from the wind.

My duty is to print and test .stl files and to bring them ; to the kids the objects to de-construct and reconstruct ; and to the teachers the pedagogic descriptions and scientific explanations.

By the end of 2016 I will publish a book giving access to the .stl files. Thus people could wherever order each devices on 3Dhubs in its surrounding.

What do you think about ?





Lebeedule was crowdfunded on Kisskissbankbank

Many thanks to Echosciences Grenoble, Advanc3D Materials, MakerShop, 3DShop, TH Industries and 3D-EEZ.


Awesome initiative !

Looks very promising! Wouldn’t mind printing some of these beauties.

Do you have an idea allready how much the book will cost?

Thanks Victor for your kind message :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim for your message !

I think that this book will cost less than 25€.

What do you think about ?

That seems fair. I’ve added you on twitter.

Goodluck with the project.


Great to see the eolienne printen is small size and with an edducational purpose. Why not start a website with product to battle climat change. i see it in befor me, . Stl files for all king of envitronmental friendly products A sort of Shapeways agains climate change

Hey Johnsaen !

Thanks for your help, that’s a really good idea :wink:

May the project could find support or make partnerships with the designers who already have uploaded their nice CAD, or who wants to design new one and post it on such website ?

Is there any designer out there who is motivated ? :slight_smile: