I am currently looking for a fdm 3d printer with a larger build area. I really like the Taz 5 but am searching for other options with a bigger bed. I did find the Creatr HS 3D printer from Leapfrog and saw 3D Hubs review. I like the size (24.9 x 19.1 x 20.6 in inches) but it did not seem like the type of printer we need. I did not like the material limitations and the amount of up keep required to keep producing quality parts. What other options could someone suggest with a similar build space (larger is ok too)?

Hey @ilaric88, not sure about the upkeep costs, but as far as large build area goes, you might want to have a look at the Gigabot, BigRep One, BigRep One.2, Sharebot XXL or the XLBot. Hope this helps!

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Thank you. I will look into these.

I build custom large format 3D printers for clients(have referrals) and can ensure you the cost of doing busiess with me will be significantly more cost effective, and you would be supporting small businesses/promoting more jobs within the community. PM me on here or one Facebook @Geppetto3D.

Try Robo R1+, or the bigbox


I am the founder and CEO of Titan Robotics. We manufacture printers here in Colorado Springs. Our smallest machine is 30x30x45" and starts at a price of 20k. www.titan3drobotics.com. We have 4 printers in the state operating for over a year. They are extremely robust industrial CNC quality machines.

Hi are interested in big printer please contact info@3dvisual.es