Hello all,

As Kennesaw State University Ambassador, I am excited to announce a 15% discount code for all students when they order from any hub. I hope that hubs will help me spread the word and inform people that you can offer the customer 15% on their order. This should also help the hubs receive more orders by offering this code and hopefully attract more business for all.

Finals are coming up as the year ends and it is my goal to help create traffic and generate orders for Atlanta hubs. The limited availability of printers at schools and the short time left makes this time of the year ideal for generating a large volume of order.

I have found that other Ambassadors that give their code to their local hubs have helped create more business for the hubs and has improved satisfaction.

Please help me help you all by spreading the code attached and spreading the word of the awesomeness and power 3d Hubs offers.

If you have any questions you can always reply here.



Chris Brown
Student Code.jpg


Awesome share, @3dpGeek!


Thank you @gabriela3d !!

Nice idea, I am promoting my hub troughout nearby universities as well. As for the discount code, is it for every Hub in the world or just Atlanta? Im curious about it.

Every hub.

Hey @Lucika29, we recently launched a Student Ambassador program meant to spread good 3D printing vibes and encourage other students to try 3D Hubs. Even though we kicked it off initially in UK/USA/Canada, the program proved really successful, so we’re now extending it to more schools all over the world. If you have any prospects in mind in any Madrid unis, make sure to nudge @Gfisherwils about it. Cheers!

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