Hi everyone, for sale i have my Jank3D Printer. I first designed this printer when we got a gMax 1.5 at work, this printer is my Metric Conversion / Modified version of the gMax 1.5, this is the first one i built and has been the ‘working prototype’ since i built it, i have built several of these printers for other people as well.

The printer is EXTREMELY reliable, i built it nearly 2 years ago now, and it has not wanted for anything in terms of maintenance, the only part needed replacing was a cooked Stepper Driver, and a snapped BLTouch mount (user error).

The printer is spec’d as follows:

- Generous 390 x 390 x 290mm Build Volume.
- 450 x 450mm Heated Bed - 230v - 1500Watt.
- E3D V6 Hotend - 0.4mm Nozzle.
- Auto Bed Level - BLTouch Probe.
- Solid Aluminium Frame - 40 x 40mm.
- RAMPS1.4 Controller.
- SSR DC - AC Relay to drive the hetbed.
- Printer Powered by a Thermaltake ATX PSU.
- Front GoPro Cradle.

Bad Points:

- The printer was always a working prototype, it needs tidying, it was always on the to do list but it works so well i thought it would be shame to tear down and rebuild for the sake of it.

- The wiring leaves much to be desired aesthetically.

What you will get:

- The Jank3D printer.
- 8gb USB which will contain:

- All the STL’s for the printer files.
- A Very Detailed BOM in an Excel spreadsheet.

If you would like to ask me any detailed questions please do not hesitate, i would prefer collection of the printer but a courier could also be arranged, though this is expensive in my experience.

I have a quick video i took a little while ago of the printer running:


I am looking for £800 but am open to sensible offers.

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If it works so well why would sell it since it has such a huge build volume? Any pics of prints that came from the machine?

Hi Robin,

I am selling this printer because i have because i have designed and built a new Ballscrew driven machine to take its place, i no longer need two of this size and would like to build a CNC now instead. I have attached some Photo’s of previous prints.