I have jsut started 3d printing and am using an anycubic i3 mega. I printed my first part last night and it worked great, today I am trying to print this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1134277

I am printing at .1mm 1.2 shell thickness, 10% infill, print speed 60, print temp 204, bed 60

The rest of the setting are in one of the attached images from the manual.

I am using the black PLA filament that came with the machine and am having an issue. Most of the robot printed ok, but one arm on one side is almost completely missing and then as it got toward the top I am getting a lot of stringing. I have attached a few pictures as examples. What could be going wrong?

You settings image doesn’t match what you’ve written.
If you are printing at 0.1mm then slow the print down to 40
On the image you have an initial layer height of 0, this should be 0.18 for a 0.2mm height or 0.09mm for a 0.1mm layer height.
Potentially there could be some issues with the filament under extruding and levelling, but it’s difficult to know without more information.
Try following this to make sure you bed is truely level.