Recently, I bought an used Objet30 pro. I ordered brand new printing materials at a verified stratasys reseller.

When I started my first print, it started perfectly fine; the machine was building the part layer by layer. However, after a few dozen layers (I think about 50), the printer started printing layers randomly around the object (most are misplaced in the X direction, but some are also misplaced in both the X and the Y direction). After this print, I restarted both my 3D printer and my server computer and sent a new job to the printer. This time the printer misplaced the layers from beginning.

I contacted my stratasys reseller and they told me they had never seen this issue. They suspect either the optical cable or the Z-encoder is broken.

Has any of you ever had an issue like this? Does any of you know how this could be fixed?

(As a new user, I can only post 1 image. I will post the remaining pictures later)

Hello! Did you solve the problem?

Hello Shibuya.
No, unfortunately I still haven’t found the issue.


I had the same issue on my Objet 350. I replaced the Y axis encoder cable and the Data Cable (part numbers CBL-03919-S and CBL-01010-S respectively) and the problem has since gone away. It’s worth buying a reel or two of Tygon tubing (I imagine you already have stock for the peristaltic pump hose) while you’re on stripping the cable out to replace the material hoses.
The cables came to a Grand total of £137 and tool about half a day to put in (along with the material hose swap).

I realise that the part numbers for my machine may well be different from your machine (mine is a 350 rather than a 30) but I added them so you can see the price scale.