I have experience with FDM printing (I have my own printer and I am a hub here). But I have never seen an SLA print, only on the internet.

I work in a factory (as full time job). We have received from a customer a plastic part that is painted for example for a new project. The part is strange, because it is covered in a coating that is quite tick. This coating is done all around the part except for a small area where I believe the part was being held during the coating process.

I believe this is SLA printed part but I want to check with you people here how have experience.

In the small area that is not covered in that coating, I can see that the plastic material is a little transparent and I see some parallel lines that appear to be as 3D printed.

I put that small area on the microscope and I attache the pictures, including with measurements of the lines (distance between the lines is around 250 um).

Can you please check if this is SLA printing?