I recently got the 61300:0 “Inverter Command Error” with one of my Zcorp machines mid-build.

Replaced the 20A ceramic slow blow fuse and the error still exists. It fails to load/update inverter chip saying, attempts to boot on flash but says, “bad version number: 0x0”. I was looking at my old logs and it says it used to be version 2.011. Is there a way I can edit add the correct version if this is the problem?

Has anyone else run into this problem and solved it? I uploaded a photo of what the boot up screen writes.

It happes to me with cpu batery dead.
It lost configuration.
You have to desconnet network cable.
I am looking how to activate network.

Hi ENA1957,

I replaced my battery on the CPU, but that didn’t solve the issue. Do you think the flash drive also went bad or somehow lost its info? And could you explain “disconnect the network cable”? At the moment the network cable is not connected on mine.



Also here is an update: I was looking through old photos of when the fuse first blew out and everything happened.

First it gave me “Error 61302:65535: Inverter Command Error”, which forced me to reboot.

Next on the reboot I got an error message on my printer LCD screen “Inverter Update: Erasing Sector 0” and the screen when blank afterwards.

After that it has been the same problem as stated in the first string.

Is it possible that the flash was wiped? If so, how easy/hard is it to reinstall everything to it?