Hello folks, I have a problem with one model which I want to print. ( Boeing 737 Efis for DIY Simulator by norkator - Thingiverse - EFIS PARTS) . On the picture at this website, there are nice push buttons, when I open this fiel in some 3D viewer, it looks same. However when I open it in Slic3r it seems to be incorrect. Here is link to photo of model in Slic3r and how it was printed Dropbox - Error . Could someone help me with this problem? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @martin9 I checked the files. The EFIS PARTS has non-manifold edges. I would suggest your run it through a repair service to fix it. Try MakePrintable a good free tool.

Hi @reemaj, thank you so much for you reply, it fix my problem but there is one more problem. There are missing the “wall” from sides. Check the photos

Could you help me with this? Thank you once more.

OK, I fixed it with netfabb. :slight_smile: