Hi there! I want to share our latest experiments results with you - Image Mapping and Color Blending. It’ll soon enable you to put colorful textures and images on your prints with one of our ZMorph toolhead - DUAL PRO toolhead.

How does it work? Your image is pasted around the object, so the 3D shape needs to be taken into account when preparing the 2D file. During printing, the DUAL PRO extruder switches and blends filaments based on a number of shades set up. It also hides the switches inside the object instead of creating an artifact or outline around it. The object itself is much thicker but this enables achieving more aesthetic and detailed surfaces.

Image mapping with color blending feature is still experimental and limited. You can test this feature in the unstable version of Voxelizer which can be turned on in the Help menu. Right now the Image Mapping offers five presets of shapes, including flower pot, vase, and twisted pipes. Color Blending offers up to 8 shades and works with PLA filaments only. This software, color, and material options will all be expanded as we continue to tweak and improve the Image Mapping feature.

We plan to introduce the stable version of Image Mapping in one of the upcoming updates for Voxelizer software. If you have any questions feel free to ask them!

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Thanks @Perry_1 - follow our /zmorph tag to get more! :slight_smile: