After many hours on internet to look for slicing software i found slic3r. To configure this software to work with my Anet A8 I found configuration files in .ini format. But I noticed that files are different from each other, and the bed settings do not make sense. So i’m looking for config files that make sense or about how to have a accurate slicing. ​Can someone help me?

​Thanks in advance,

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Lucky for you, I grew up with Slic3r! Send me the ini file to I will take a look and respond back here.

Cura is another option


Slic3r does have a lot of different options, but if you take the time to understand them, it works pretty well.

If you look at the printer settings, it shouldn’t be hard to specify the bed dimensions correctly. What is wrong with the bed settings you have?

Are you using printer control software which uses Slic3r, or are you just using Slic3r to prepare the gcode files for an SD print?

I have a different printer but also have had issues with slic3r. I use a free cloud based slicer at (There are paid options but free is fully functional) I just checked and it supports the anet a8. Just create a free account, select “printer profiles”, “add a printer”, then pick the anet a8 from the drop down menus. You can then upload stl files, slice them, and download the gcode. The system is designed to integrate with a raspberry pi based printer controller, so if you have a pi (or are willing to buy one) you can set it up with their software and have a fully cloud controlled printer. I absolutely love the service and get great results on my printer. I’m a user, not an employee or anything, so i don’t benefit of/when others use their service. It’s simply great enough to justify some really glowing reviews :slight_smile: