I’ll just leave this here. (This was sized incorrectly by 3D Hubs.) There is no “Bug” tag it seems.


Hey Thomas!

I had a look at the order for you and it looks like the original file was modelled in milimetres (which is the default measurement unit used by 3D Hubs to interpret model files). In this case, your customer probably indicated that the model was created using inches instead, scaling all the dimensions of the files by factor 25.4. There does seem to be a bug that says (modeled using cm) instead of (modeled using inches), I’ve reported this to our developers and I expect they’ll look into this tomorrow.

That said, if something like this happens again, I highly recommend contacting us through support@3dhubs.com

Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice evening!

Robin - 3D Hubs

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I’m sure you could build a big enough printer for that price!

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for 2.3 Mil I’d figure it out!