every time i try to level the bed the nozzle sits 10 mm off the bed and wont come down so i cant level it and when it is leveled manually i try to print the test piece and the nozzle goes 2 inches u off the bed and starts printing any help?

Where is your limit switch located on the Z axis. Sounds like it is not set right to allow you print head to lower any further before being stopped by the limit switch. Also, are you missing any of the stack up items that sometimes goes on the heated bed.

2 inches off the bed at the start sounds like a slicer that is not setup correctly and driving the initial Z axis to 2inches at the start of the print. Or your layer height is incorrectly set? Maybe a units issue? Inches instead of MM / CM (not normally an issue but I don’t know your tool chain).

Need more info about your setup, but check where your Z axis limit switch is located and when it triggers. Main times there is a red LED the indicates when it has been triggered.

I also need detailed information about this setup
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Here is a link to help you level your 3d printer’s bed easily:


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