Hi 3D Hub,

I have someone with a large file who is requesting FTP info. We are quite new to 3d printing in general. So I was wondering what does he need ?



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Maybe @Luuk could yelp you with that?

If you don’t have an FTP server, you could try offering him access to a Dropbox folder. It does the same job: Allows you to share large files.

Hi Hesham,

Thank you for your question. Thanks to you as well @Dampmaskin for adding to the conversation.

Basically the individual you are talking is asking for a place to upload his file. An FTP server is a common way of being able to store files online. As Dampmasking already mentioned Dropbox or WeTransfer could be a solution as well.

​I would like to point out however that this usually shouldn’t be necessary seeing as users can upload files up to 128 MB on the 3D Hubs website which should be enough for most .STL files.
I hope this was useful.

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Tell them a similar server like FTP is

www.wetransfer.com or .net

This is quite faster to transfer large files to anyone.

During our construction of the 3D essentials video, we used Skype to transfer the files. as per time of day, the rates would change a bit, but average was300+K on long distance- and 1 Gig no problem