Hello fellow Hubs,

In order to better support Hubs we’re developing a range of very handy Powertools. These Powertools are especially designed to help you steadily grow your 3D printing business. As you level-up as a Hub, more Powertools become available. This post is about a particular Powertool available for everyone; an Embeddable Order Widget that offers a seamless order experience on your own website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 18.48.13_0.png

The Order Widget is an upload tool that you can embed on your own website. With just a few clicks your customers can upload their design files (STL or OBJ) and receive an instant quote to get them 3D printed at your Hub.

Here’s a few cool examples of how the embed can look

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 19.04.00_0.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 19.05.31_0.png

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 19.04.19_0.png

How do I use it?

Once the order widget is embedded on your website, your customers can directly upload a .stl or .obj file on the page. A simple checkout flow allows the customer to set their print preferences (e.g. color, material). When the order is submitted, a new order is at your Hub, on 3D Hubs. From there it follows the standard order process on 3D Hubs.


Quick Tip: Orders generated through the order widget will increase your Hub level on 3D Hubs, increasing overall search ranking and customer inflow. Over time, your Hub will significantly benefit from more orders.

How to set it up?

The Order Widget can easily be embedded by pasting a short string of code into your website.

  • Find your embed code for the order widget on your Hub dashboard on 3D Hubs. Go to the tab “powertools” and generate your code by setting the variables “color”, “size” and “text”.


  • Paste your embed code into your website where you want the button to appear.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 18.45.54_0.png

Order Widget Main Benefits

  • An instant online quote on your own website based on your pricing, printers and material settings.
  • Netfabb auto file repair. All 3D files will be checked on printability and automatically repaired by the Netfabb cloud solution if needed.
  • Secure payment processing (All major payments methods such as IBAN for EU, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Bitcoin and many more country specific methods)
  • 3D Hubs’ order management system. All orders will be added to you order flow on 3D Hubs, including individual order pages for direct communications with your customers
  • 7.5% 3D Hubs service fee, instead of the standard 12.5%
  • Increased Hub rating on 3D Hubs, improving search ranking and new customer inflow.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this thread, cheers!

Ps. would be cool if you could share your embed on the comments on this thread as well so others can see.


Really cool! Thx @3DPrintandStuff. Indeed we would like to add the amount of orders that come through this route to your Hub dashboard statistics. It’s on the list so hang in there a little longer!


added a screen shot

Here is my embedded order widget, it’s on my front page http://www.3dprintandstuff.co.uk/

It’s be on there a while but not sure if any orders have come from it, I have currently have one processing so hopefully it completes in to a print and picked up so I can ask them how they found me.

Need to reduce the amount of white space within my front page as it hides the shop’s items, which are only visible it you scroll down the page.

Not knowing what type of file to upload or how to produce one could be a barrier to getting an order though the button.

I’m sure that time and a bit of education will heal that problem.


Hi Filemon,

attached is a screenshot of my homepage http://www.key23d.com with the widget!


Kind regards, Guy


Just added the widget to our custom printing page. Great to hear about the 5% service fee reduction! Before we were just linking to our 3D Hubs page, but now the ability to have people stay on our site is huge.

What do you think, any suggestions for changes/improvements?


That is a very nice looking site! Very clean, yet vibrant.

Thanks @Fargo3D !

Hi Guys at Fargo 3D,

I can only say the same about your site!! Looks great!!

Keep up the good work and it’s very nice to know that there is a similar company on the other side of the world :wink: !

Kind regards, Guy

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Yes, really cool! :slight_smile:

Ah! Really cool. Indeed, just looks clean. Nothing to add :slight_smile:

Hey filemon, I would love to put this on my site, but it isn’t showing up when i paste it in the of my html code. I can send you the code if you can help. Thanks.

Yes, please shoot me an email to filemon[at]3dhubs.com with the issue. Code is not needed, just a quick explanation will do

Added to our facebook page http://3dprintingguy.com

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This is a great powertool Filemon, my new site is in the make and this has to be on it …

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Hi, wonder if you can help me. How did you create the ‘Order’ tab on the page and linked the ‘Shop Now’ button to it? Thanks!

Hi Daniel, im using an app called thunderpenny


Thank you!

I love this widget! It was super easy using the “html code” button in GoDaddy’s website builder and looks great. I added a box with some shadow behind it to really make it stand out. I added it to every page on my website www.3d4mellc.com. Thanks 3DHubs!

I use a Wordpress hosted site and can’t seem to get this embedded in a page or text widget… anybody out there using Wordpress and getting this to work?

@emanuele3d could you help?