Hey 3D Hubs.

I have recently moved location, and Hub area. On looking at my hub in the listing, I noticed that I am based “United Kingdom” which URL points to the correct page, and “Preston” (which is correct) - but the URL states this “https://www.3dhubs.com/3dprint/Preston--Australia” which puts me as Preston in Australia? I don’t think this is correct? When I do searches for Hubs near me, I do appear, but concerned that the breadcrumb trail of location is putting Preston, UK as Preston, AU?!!


Hey Steve,
This is Nahla from 3D Hubs here. Thanks for reaching out about this and we are sorry about that error. I have already reported this issue to our Development team and they will be looking in to it as soon as possible.
Thank you for flagging this!
Nahla - 3D Hubs


thank you!