Hi guys,

I have to print a light, delicate, simple bit 24cm large part and my FF went down on me. As a result, I cant deliver to the students who asked me. Deadline is wednesday lunch. I still wait for them to confirm that I can look for help, but in the meantime, if anybody think he may be up to the job, please already move forward. i’ll post the design as soon as I’m allowed to. (Looks like a bathtube with a door to print separatly.)

Thanks to all.

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“but”, not “bit”. Hey, 3dhub team! Why should I wait for the post to be reviewed just to fix a typo? Really?

@ImShogun, I suggest you ask the student to resubmit the order and look for an active Hub around the Brussels area in order to meet the deadline, as it would be quicker than potentially reaching out to a Hub on Talk. They can do so here. I hope it works out!