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I’d like to share with you some extra information on how we review the initial Marvin review that we do as part of the verification process. As you probably know, we ask to all the new Hubs to complete a “quality review test” before they are visible to customers and are listed on the 3D print page .

But what are the criteria that we use to review your Hub?
We use four different parameters to evaluate the whole process: Quality, Service, Communication and Speed.

So, what is the best approach to reach a full 5-stars review?

  • Quality:“A good Marvin is defined by having clean, sharp edges and a smooth surface throughout all the surface.” If you can describe your Marvin using this quote, you’ll receive 5-stars.

    Does it mean that you can’t achieve 5-stars with an FDM printer? No, of course. We know that SLA 3D printers are capable of more precise prints then FDM machines. We look at the layer height, material and colour listed on the order page and we know what to expect from a Marvin printed using those specifications. When printing you should pay extra attention to the following parts of the Marvin model:

  • Service:
    “Handwritten note and multiple pictures from different angles.” Four good pictures are enough. What defines a good picture? It’s the possibility for admins to check the small details of your print. Here you can find an example:

    Pro tip: Add photo’s of prints while the model is being printed to the order page as well, customers love seeing “work-in-progress” photo’s of their designs being printed.

  • Communication: “During a normal order communication and responsiveness are crucial.” What does this mean for Marvin test? Treating the test as a normal order, how would you communicate to your customer? You would probably reply to his/her comments. In this case, it’s our automatic system that is commenting but it will an admin who’s reviewing your answers.

  • Speed:
    Printing a Marvin usually doesn’t take more than 45 minutes so we expect that you’ll complete the order within 48 hours.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me here!

Federico - 3D Hubs


Great guide, thanks :slight_smile: Wish I’d known the communication part earlier. Was not sure how it was assessed.



Now it makes a bit more sense. Still i feel a bit mixed inside about that initial “fake” order/review. I guess danish people are a bit different.

A review in english and we go WTF… also if we see the same review a lot of places we loose trust in it.

Would it at any point make sense to retest my hub? and what grounds would there be to ask for a retest?

Hi @Boelle,

Thanks for your feedback. Since the platform is all in English, also our reviews are in English. I wouldn’t suggest resetting your Hub since you’ve already completed some orders.

My thought was that if i totally rebuild my printer (to get improved quality) it would make sense to print marvin and have the output evaluated…

maybe that is best done with sending the pictures to the support email and if quality is better then all is good… and if worse fix it until good enough



"customers love seeing “work-in-progress” photo’s "

I have for long wondered if it was not possible to add a live stream ?

I know i can stream to youtube and give the link to the customer… but i was thinking of a feature in the printers settings points to a link that shows the stream… that link should of course be totally hidden from anyone but me since it would tell my IP address

so when i get an order a hidden random link is generated when i click that i have either accepted the order or when print has started. as soon i click print ready that random link should expire so the customer cant follow other prints

would make it a less hazzle to provide live feed

At the moment, we didn’t plan to implement the possibility to provide a live stream. You can provide updates to your customers with comments and pictures, it should be enough. In any case, I’ll take care of reporting your feedback.

Federico - 3D Hubs

You can delete your Hub and register it again whenever you want. Simply, it’s something that I’d not recommend to you since it’s always hard to get the first orders.

I’m glad my test marvin photo was good enough to be used as an example for other hubs! (The orange FDM marvin)

I’d appreciate it if the hubs that took these photos are credited in the post and contacted to let them know. I had no idea my photo was here until I opened this thread. Thanks!

Thank you Federico, I will treasure this for the future too and hope to do my best.


Under the communication section above, its missing a word. :slight_smile:

…would you communicate to your customer? You would probably reply to his/her comments. In this case, it’s our automatic system that is commenting but it will an admin who’s reviewing your answers.

I believe you meant to say …it will BE an admin who’s…

Kind Regards,


Hi @NathanH,

Thanks for your feedback! .