Hey Guys, I was wondering how to spit a 3D Scanned person from itseez3d into multiple parts. I want to print a person in full color. To do that I need to split the person into separate parts based on color…?? Is that possible and how do I do it? Or is there another way. Thanks.

There are printers that can print full colour, so there is no need to split it into parts


Pleasure to connect with you. Using Netfabb one could slice .stl or .ob files.

Do refer the link below


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You can use Meshmixer software, by Autodesk. Easy operation: use a “plane cut”.
You can use also Rhynoceros, in the section “mesh operation”.

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I’m trying to do the same without result.

It seems that you have to cut the solid parts by hand… totally impossible to be done.

The only way is to print with a full color 3dprinter in my opinion.

Use Meshmixer to split it up and keep all the parts as separate .stl files