I am trying to figure out if a 3D printer is in my budget. I am looking at the Drumel printer from Canadian Tire, but I noticed the filament costs $50 (also from Canadian Tire). How many “things” can you make with 1 roll of filament? How long does 1 roll last? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

Filament usually comes in packages of 750 grams to 1 Kg. How many object you can print is simply a matter of your average amount of material needed for each print.

Obviously, large print need more material. Strong prints with a higher infill will also need more material.

I have done prints that took more than 1 Kg of material to make. I have also done prints that use only about 1-2 grams. So the answer to your question is not straightforward and could be anything between one and one thousand.

That said, if you would take 25-50 grams of material as average, one 1 Kg roll would last 20 to 40 prints.

I am not sure if the Dremel printer can only use propriety filament. I would suggest you buy a printer than can handle filament from any manufacturer provided it is the right size. Many will sell for much less than 50$ per roll which will significantly lower your price per print.


I printed some mounts with my first dremel branded roll, to use larger generic filament spools. I’ll see if I can dig up a picture.

Don’t buy the dremel, it is extremely expensive for what it is (a PLA only printer with unheated build plate). Filaments can be had for $30 CAD or less for a 1 kilo spool.

hahah i posted it in another thread…