I recently got a new Dremel 3D20 and put maybe 30 hours on it before it started having a odd problem. It would not pull in the filament when trying to load new filament into it. After looking around on the internet I didn’t find anything that described my problem well. Initially I thought my stepper motor was not engaging or was broken. So I decided to take the extruder apart. After trying to load filament with the fan and heatsink off the front, I noticed what the problem was. The gear that is used to grip the filament is attached to the motor shaft by a screw in the gear, that keeps it locked in place due to a groove in the shaft of the motor. So the motor and gear was spinning fine before trying to load filament, but when the filament was put in, I noticed the gear stopped spinning, but the motor shaft kept on going. I took apart the idler assembly to get to the screw on the gear and tightened up the screw after aligning it to be over the notch in the motor shaft. Then I reassembled everything, and it is back to working normal.

I couldn’t find anything to help me with my problem on the internet so i wanted to make this post to help anyone else who may have this problem. The printer was almost brand new when this happened, so that screw in the gear must not have been tightened well enough at the factory.


Hello! I appreciate your post! I’ve had a similar trouble with my dremel 3d20 error #103 (which even dremel support haven’t told me what could that be) now I’m about to try your tip. If you have any other info, pics or anything I would appreciate them. Thanks!