I used a 3D printer to make a mold that I pour silicone into to make my final object. How can I smooth out the 3D lines on my printed mold so that they do not show up on my silicone object? I tried sanding and XTC-3D from smooth-on. I have heard suggestions line bead/sand blasting but i’m afraid it might break my mold. The mold plastic is Z UltraT so I don’t know if I can even do the whole acetone vapor method…

Any suggestions?

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Z UltraT is acetone treatable.

Another method is to paint a viscous epoxy onto your model (but will obviously add some thickness). There are videos on youtube on this.

Well the xtc-3d is a similar technique I believe. I will look more into epoxy, i just would worry it wont dry evenly. Thanks for the tip.

Hi, I normally use PLA, but if you print using ABS then you can use Acetone (Nail Varnish remover…But without any additives).

Acetone is a solvent to ABS (it won’t touch PLA). Just paint it on and hang it up if you can, first in one direction, then turn it before it’s set. If you can find a squirty bottle that won’t react to the acitone then after painting it, spray it.I’ve seen some hi gloss finishes achieved. But make sure it’s in a well ventilated space… There is a solvent for PLA, but I’ve heard it’s nasty stuff to use (bad for your health).

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