Hi guys,
Thanks in advance for your help! I have a Hictop 3DP-12 Prusa i3.
I’ve been trying to print a certain part, and it prints beautifully up until a certain point towards the end of the print. This is a point where there is a series of small extrusions being made. The filament just stops extruding, and the printer carries on printing nothing until the part finishes.
So far, I’ve tried:
- Replacing hotend cooling fan
- Replacing part cooling fan
- Replacing controller board
- Changing filament spools
- Changing extruder stepper motor
- Replacing hotend assembly (throat, PTFE, nozzle, heating element, temperature sensor)
- Changing extruder stepper drivers
- Reflashing the software
- Reuploading the part file
- Changing the extruder motor cable
I didn’t really change anything when this started happening. I had just swapped out the extruder motor cable and that fixed a different problem. Then I printed several beautiful parts, before this started happening.
Any thoughts? Again, thanks in advance.