Resolved !!

Hi I just got my printer yesterday and I have ran into a problem assembling it. I’m at the z axis part and have the nuts turning on both of my motor screws. But when I put the polished rods in I am no longer able to turn my left side screw rod, the right side still works fine. I have tried adjusting it and making the top wider and narrow nothing seems to help. Any suggestion? I did follow the assembly video that came with it.

Printer is a jgaurora clone of a Presa i3

Hi, no problem send the files (pictures, video) and i help you.

Which printer?

Ensure everything is square, and not twisted. have you greased up your polished rod and threaded rod? ensure there is no dust or dirt in your bearings and that they still slide freely, this goes for the threaded rod also.

for mine i had to loosen the screws that hold the threaded nut onto the plastic Z axis runner. Though this is not a long term solution, it may answer some questions as to if its square or not.

It may be the hole in the pre-cut parts at top of bottom of rods are also off centre.

But yes, pictures and what type of printer would help…


i am assuming you are building a prusa i3?

have you checked the bearing slide freely on the rods.

Could you post a picture of the assembled part with with the rods attached ?

Thanks for the help guys, I got it to work. Seems it just wasn’t square. Ended up just taking it apart and putting it back together.