Having problems printing with petg. I keep getting these clumps in the print and it keeps sticking to the extruder.

You have got to supply at least the basic info of your situation. For us to just guess at the problem helps no one.

At a minimum please state: printer, nozzle temp, bed temp, brand of PETG.

I print PETG on my Makerbot Replicator 2 on blue tape. I have to set the nozzle temp to 245 to 250, the hotter the nozzle, the better the translucency of the model.

What brand are you using? Have you found a max temp? What speed do you like? I think I am using 3000mm/min I have mainly used eSun black for structural parts so haven’t messed with translucency etc. but have seen some nice pieces come from PETG.

The extruder is at 235C and the bed at 70C. The brand is hatchbox. I am printing at 20mm/sec. It is a anet a8 printer. The middle size is .4mm

Temps are ok to start with. What slicer?

I might work on the first layer and get good adhesion first then see about printing the whole model. Go with a .2 layer height and a .2 first layer. PETG doesn’t like to be squished. You could run the first layer temp up a bit to help with adhesion.

Check this out.


Ok I’ll try it thanks

I use the InLand stuff from Microcenter, less than $20.00 per roll. I use the same settings as PLA for my makerbot rep 2 and only change the nozzle temp.

Ok, wondered about that stuff.