I had some problems with my M3D, I printed a model, it printed it great but it only made half of it, then I tried restarting and calibrating my printer and removing the filament, I fixed the filament problem. Then I had even MORE problems,its literally not printing at all. It just pushes a little bit of filament and it gets stuck near the extruder and it doesn’t extrude after it,and its disconnecting randomly and its so fucking annoying what a horrible fucking tiny trash, Should have got a fucking Ultimaker V2, No M3D is affordable and good and looks good yeah fucking sure FUCK m3d

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What material and temperature are you running? It sounds like the filament is melting too far up the hotend, causing it to bind, and get jammed.

PLA, The material has some ‘cheat codes’ so the program sets the right temp and everything.

can you verify that the cooling fan on the extruder if functional?

It is . I’m taking it to a shop then gonna buy an ultimaker 2 extended better than the trash I currently own

no need for a potty mouth


Super sorry, I was angry I fixed the problem by feeding the filament externally