I’ve been printing for around a year now, so i have some knowledge but not 100% on everything.

I’m currently using a Flashforge Creator Pro but at the moment I’m having trouble with a specific print for work. I have attached pictures so you can see my issues.

The white is PLA and the orange is FLEXI SMART, which I’ve had no problems with at all. Actually as you can see from the pictures apart from the obvious mess on the sides it is printing quite well. With the white it seems to be failing part way up this has happened on quite a few prints now even on the wall. Same place every time, if i flip them around the in software it just prints towards the bottom rather than the top. What is more frustrating is that i have actually printed the whole thing before without a major fail.

I have tried pulling apart the extruder cleaning and checking for blockages that’s all fine, I have recreated the STL files and tried again but still the same problems. This is the first time I’ve come across this problem and I have no idea what is going on. Any advice or tips are extremely welcome right now