Hi guys, I thought I would share this model ‘HeavyJaw’ of a dinosaur that can transform into a robot because I think it is awesome! The model was designed and printed by Oscar Torres on his UP Mini.

The model consists of 25 individually printed parts and it has multiple points of articulation that allow it to transform from the dinosaur to the robot and point the various sections of the model in different directions. Oscar said he also used 4 metal pins when assembling the model because he wanted a tighter feel and easier transformation. The length of the dinosaur is approximately 9 inches and the individual parts are about 2-3 inches long.

It was printed on the UP Mini using ABS with the standard Smart Visual Print Driver software and a 0.2mm layer resolution. Oscar said he used ABS because it is tougher and was better suited to creating the parts that fit together without breaking. Print time is 30 hours plus depending on printer and settings.

Here is Oscars description of the model;

HeavyJaw is the leader of the Dinodroids, his courage and strength are matchless in his faction. With brute strength he’s able to take down thousands of warriors in several blows, his armor can withstand lasers, missiles, cannon fire and close attacks. He’s a competent military strategist and in robot mode he’s quick and and agile considering his Goliath like stature. His troops are loyal only to him, and, armed with brute force and cunning instincts he’s more than enough of a problem for the opposing force.

Model is available for free download on trinpy https://www.trinpy.com/models/heavyjaw/ along with a description and details on the metal rods used in the model. If you like this model more of Oscar’s work is available for free download on https://www.trinpy.com/

Print settings:

Layer height: 0.2

Material : ABS

Printer : UP mini

Printing time : 30 hours

Let me know your comments and thoughts below.




Great to have you back, Andrew! And more importantly, with another cool print. This calls for some social action :wink: Cheers

Thanks @gabriela3d it’s good to be back! I just had to share this one from Oscar cause I loved it

Super cool, Dude! Awesome!


Cheers @Krumbacher