So I am building a prusa mk2s “clone” on ramps 1.4 with a mk42 heated bed, e3d V6 noctua fans, tmc2100 etc etc I’ve run into a strange problem. So when I start a print the printer would run for 5 to 7 minutes and then stops. No errors. No nothing. The steppers get disabled, the heater drops and no error at all. After a while I only get a thermal runaway due to the heater dropping. I’ve tried everything I could. I’ve replaced the PSU with a 30 amps one, then thinking it would have been the part cooling fan I put a silicone sock on the heater block, then I replaced the steppers drivers on the z as they were getting hot so I thought it was them overheating… No luck in all of this. Please any help is appreciated I am desperate!