Edit: Solved! As suggested by this thread, I just removed the tube feeding filament into the print head and pushed the filament directly into the print head. This pushed out a LOT of black goop and then the extruder worked fine. Thanks everyone for their help!

Hello everyone! I just bought a new Mini 3d printer, and I can’t get the filament to feed through the extruder.

Aside from the standard troubleshooting procedure:

-I tried cutting the tip down as narrow as possible with a nail cutter.

-I ran the extruder for a while with no filament to try and clear out any crud in the nozzle.

-I also tried to push filament through by hand the machine while the machine was off and also when it was on.

Not sure what to try next. Any advice would be welcome!

Thank you!


So I’ll start with the simple…

The nozzle is getting hot? Your using the right temp? Nor hot enough won’t melt the filament. Is this a Bowden type print head?

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Thanks for the reply! The nozzle seems to be pretty hot, I set it to 220, and I believe it is a bowden type, based on pictures i looked at on google. If it helps it’s a Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer, with everything on it stock

Yes Bowden. Depress the blue plastic ring on the print head and pop out the teflon feed tube. Heat the head and try and feed the PLA filament directly in after it reaches temp. If that works then there may be a pinch in the tube path or the pinch roller on the feeder stepper is not tight. Pull the filament out fast so you don’t leave a blob in the print head.

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Hi, it could be very useful to know:

- type and model of printer

-type and diameter of filament

-temperature reached by nozzle

-some pictures of your problem

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This did it! Thanks so much everyone who responded. I was pushing it in directly into the print head, and nothing was happening, and all of a sudden a LOT of black stuff shot out the end like super fast, and then it started extruding normally. Thanks again everyone, you guys are way better than the monoprice forums!

1) what type of filament? What diameter? 2) what temperature is your hotend set to? Are you able to preheat the hotend and use manual controls to manually extrude test prior to starting the print? Does the extruder’s stepper motor turn? What is your hotend diameter? 3mm or 1.5?

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Careful overheating depending on the filament type it may crystalize and cause another blockage