I installed the E3D metal hot end on my Hatchbox Alpha. I also installed the (supposedly) screw in compatible thermister.

Using M303 E0 S200 C3 it should run a series of 3 heating cycles then give me an average of kP, kI, and kD…but the ONLY way I can get it to run multiple (3) cycles and return results is if I chance the value of C to “1”…???..

Once I enter my PID settings in the configuration file and save to EEPROM and try to heat the head it just goes…zoooooom…to max heat and then the heater is decoupled.

I did manage, at first, to get it to the correct temp after inputting my PID settings but it would rush past about 10* C then fall back and have a range of +/- 3* while holding temp. According to firmware I dropped P slightly and raised D slightly…which did tighten it up. I managed two good small prints…then cycled the power and I haven’t been able to get it to work since. (Yes, I did check and the values I entered were stored in the EEPROM).



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Did you ever figure this out? Going through same trial and error process that you described here. Any guidance or hints that you may have from 9 mo ago is much appreciated!