Friday (January 4th) i had a pla filament break. Changed the broken filament out only for it to stop extruding. Off the fan to check the gear and removed a broken chunk of filament caught in the gear. After replacing everything today. It began to extrude by itself.

Removed the filament cleared it of anything remaining. I then printed successfully a calibration die with no issues. Went to print a large cookie cutter and it printed rather caddy wampus.

That was the caddy wampus cookie cutter. Its bent cause I folded it up to throw out.

I have a smaller flawless cookie cutter it printed till it ran out of the last of my filament.

Any ideas? Just a stock wanhao. Mk10 extruder, maybe 24 hours of use. Everything was fine until the filament breaking.

Ok double checked smaller cookie cutter and it has jagged teeth on top so not exactly flawless…but the cube was perfect.

Still using same settings as the cube.

I guess you’ll have to take the extruder apart to see if there is anything broken on the gears.
Did you also check your flash settings? something wrong with the retraction settings?
Maybe try to replace your filament spool with another one to see if that works, if not there might be a clog inside the nozzle

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