Hey everyone,

Some time ago i thought it would be very cool to record time lapses of my K8400 printing.

Unfortunatley despite hours of browsing the “Thingiverse” I couldn’t find any vertex compatible GoPro mounts suitable for this task and since im a newbee in 3d modeling i’m stuck with just an idea in my head.

Do you know any good designs/ways to do such thing?



What I would do is going to Tinkercad and designing it over there. With the tutorials that they are offering and reading this. Will allow you to learn it in a day or two. You should be able to design it for yourself - and believe me- you will not regret gaining this skill

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double sided tape on a tripod? - or there are loads of gopro mounts for tripods or naked case holders for any number of things - what kind of mount are you looking for?

I often attach my gopros with elastic bands - you just need something easy to position.

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Hi Matt,

Are you looking for a thing like these one ? here

Reworking it for a quick attach on the Vertex front panel seems quite easy. You can use 123Design which is a pretty simple drawing tool (and it’s free).


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Well it seems like a little 3d designing skills lesson is inevitable :slight_smile:

Definitely worth it in the long run :wink:

Small update on this very broad topic, here’s a pic of what i’ve managed to set up today :wink:

it is a combination of designs i found on thingiverse.

GoPro Hero 3+ Frame —> GoPro Hero3+ frame by Xirux - Thingiverse

GoPro Clamp → Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects


Nice one man! Really creative. I love it!


Nice work !

I’ve tried to design quite the same (replacing the corner with a model one) but the Velleman Parts files aren’t usable without Autocad :(…

Your work deserve to be published on Thingiverse !

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Nah, none of this was made by me :slight_smile: and by the way do you know that you can get autocad for free by registering as a student ?

it’s really easy.

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Nice hack, Matt, this is really good stuff! Make sure to share some of your videos here on Talk. Cheers

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I certainly will :slight_smile: allredy have half of the matirial for an awesome 14h print of the interstellar endurance model :slight_smile:

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