Hi all, I hope nobody minds me sharing this but it’s a machine that I am super excited about, and I thought if ever there was a community of people interested in this type of machine it would be that of 3D Hubs!

I finally gave in to temptation and ordered one, so now I just need to figure out where exactly it is going to fit in my tiny workspace, amongst my growing collection of 3D printers!

I’ll leave this link to their site in case anybody else around here is keen on ordering and saving a few bucks. The current deal (as of April 2018) is to save $500 on a Pro model, $250 on a Plus or $100 on a Basic using this link: http://glowforge.com/referred/?kid=6VTWP

Anybody have ideas on projects where we could combine our 3D printing + laser cutting/engraving powers? :slight_smile:


Get $100 off your order at Glowforge by using this referral link: http://glowforge.com/referred/?kid=juaczt

Congrats to everybody who ended up getting one! Which model did you go with? I ended up settling for the basic model, since international shipping put the Pro a bit too far out of my price range.

I think that some people with 3d printers think they have to make a part/model in all one shot.

The real concept of creating is making many parts that fit together like in the model kits you get at a hobby shop.

We make studio scale models and when you are working on larger models they are usually made up of many, many smaller parts and pieces.

I use both a laser cutter and 3d printer for most of my projects.

The laser is used to cut and raster (etch) acrylic and wood parts, etc. and the 3d printer to grow parts.

And a lot of parts are just made from scratch using my hands with an exacto knife, snips, scissors, whatever.

I use the best tool for the job whether it’s a laser, 3d printer, knife, scissors, molding, etc. The tool that will get the job done with the easiest path with the best out come for the part that is needed.

I too have ordered the pro Version, it was just under $5000 for me with shipping with the supposed 40% off.

I say supposed because the full price point they have would be way too high for the market they are aiming at and I do not believe that their prices will ever get as high as they claim the full price will be.

So if anyone wants to get their $100.00 off here is my discount link: http://glowforge.com/referred/?kid=YNWwoF



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So Excited! Just ordered my Glowforge :slight_smile: But it will be a long wait :slight_smile:

Adding my referral code in case you want to get $100 off on your Glowforge purchase.

Use: Your At-Home 3D Laser Printer | Glowforge

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Here is a fresh referral link for you to save $100 off of your Glowforge! http://glowforge.com/referred/?kid=IIDmWX

Here is a fresh referral link for you to save $100 off of your Glowforge! Your At-Home 3D Laser Printer | Glowforge

I just ordered my glowforge before the 40% discount expires. If you still need a referral code for $100 off, here is mine.

Just ordered mine too and also super excited! Here’s another referral code for $100 off :slight_smile: Your At-Home 3D Laser Printer | Glowforge

Promo is almost over! Order your own Glowforge. Just ordered mine too and also super excited! Get $100 off with this link: Your At-Home 3D Laser Printer | Glowforge

very interesting to learn more about user’s experience while working Glowforge… is that so perfect?

Did anyone compare with Endurance lasers?