Our Fila-cycle branded Kickstarter campaign has launched! Please take a moment to check it out here :


100% Recycled 3D Printing Filament created from Yogurt Pots, Automotive plastics, Commercial plastics and Home White Goods plastics.

Read more at www.fila-cycle.com

Interested to know your thoughts



It looks awesome, best of luck with the campaign!

@koenbodewes let’s give it some social love :wink: Thanks!

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@gabriela3d @koenbodewes … thank you, social love is what it’s all about. That and 3D printing with recycled plastics love too :wink:

Recycling all the way!

Yep! See attached 100% recycled 3D printing filament from Yogurt Pots… and you can pledge for a full 1Kg of it through the Kickstarter campaign we a running :wink: