I’m getting the M3D Pro next March, (10"x10"x10" exterior volume) and wanted to see how I could build an enclosure for it. I decided to go with glass as it does not scratch.


I was wondering both how you’d cut, drill holes, and assemble an enclosure to enclose it. Would you use a side table and attach the sheets to there, use brackets, how exactly would you build it? Looking for something as similar to the 3DPrintClean enclosure as possible but a smaller footprint so the 10x10x10 inch printer would fit inside with not a bunch of excess room. I’d also want to be able to have filament, power cables, and perhaps a few light strips inside as well.

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honestly id just go with some plexi glass or something. yeah it scratches way easier. but you can drill and cut it 1000 times easier and if u mess up its cheaper and safer than glass. but yeah it would be nice if it was enclosed to keep print temp more consistent

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I figured I’d go with 12" x 12" x 3/16" Tempered Glass Panels for the glass sheets and 2-Way Clear Lexan Cube Clips for 3/16" Tempered Glass Panels for the clips to connect the glass sheets but there would be space in between the sheets (like 1/8") that would let the heated air out. Thoughts?

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For joining the glass, go to a pet store and get the aquarium silicone adhesive, basically, draw a bead on one edge and put the second sheet of glass into the bead, hold into place and once cured is strong and stable. Drilling is not easy, you will need some glass drilling bits and patience, if you do not feel comfortable go to a glass shop and have them drill the holes for you (for a nominal fee) you should be able to find these shops. You can also buy the glass from them to the size that you want along with having the edges polished so it is safer to handle.