Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my first print. A giant 1.7 metre Armidale Class Patrol Boat that is fully remote controlled. By first print I mean the first item that I attempted to print. It cost me 9 spools in failed prints until I got it right, and the finished product requires 21 separate prints. I could have easily smoothed everything off so you wouldn’t recognize that the finished product was 3d printed, but I really wanted to keep that rough printed finish for this one.

It features a working bow thruster, twin rudder, twin screw, working nav lights, and rotating radar. Everything is printed except the electronics, paint, and glue.

Check out a demo video


It turned out so well, that I have started a business manufacturing them. I am also working on many other projects that will blow this one out of the water. Check them out at www.berncomodels.com :slight_smile:


Also, here are a few of my current projects. A 1 metre Smit London ocean tug, and a freaking HUGE 2.2 metre Kanimbla class LPA.


Holy! This is nice! :slight_smile:

Just awesome! Good luck with the project


super well done!

21 individual prints? That’s nuts. Could do it in one or two prints max with the printer I have now.

Wow, that is awesome. The finished ship looks great.

First print?!?! Wow!

I am currently working on a design modification to grow my printers out to 1 cubic metre, but am having trouble finding a suitable heat bed. Would it be possible to purchase several smaller heat beds and run them all on a 30A power supply?

Well its amperage but your gonna wanna do a secondary powersupply for them and with that much current I would separate it entirely and just do a dedicated Controller for it and the nice part about it being 12 volts is that power supplies are dirt cheap

Would you be able to release the 3d models for this? I can’t model boats for crap!

Already available! You can grab all of the STL’s here…1-35th Remote Controlled Armidale Class Patrol Boat | 3D Print Model

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Very impressive! But a bit too steep a price tag unfortunately. Just curious, what did you model it in?

I wish I could lower the price for you, but it took me 6 months of hard work to test and develop. Even at the current price its sold at a loss.

I used sketchup to model it.

Yeah no I completely understand. You should sell it on other sites too, like shapeways, you deserve it, its an outstanding model!

Very impressive! That looks really nice.

One thing, your website is down… Would have loved to see some more models!

Hello, are you able to take a photo of the rudder set up?

I have this model and am printing as we speak, i have found it very good value and Bernard has been a great help when i contacted him for it,