This is a Lightly used Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer. Included in the bundle are 2 build plates (1 brand new), 4 resin tanks (1 Brand New Resin Tank LT - Form Labs latest and longest lasting technology), 1 almost brand new From Cure (UV light curing chamber), Form Wash, full castable cartridge, almost full gray cartridge, original tools, cords, and documentation. Everything that has been used has been thoroughly cleaned and all items are placed in their original packaging. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.


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I’ll take it!

If for whatever reason Firebird3D changes his mind, I am interested!

I’ll buy it. Are you using PayPal?

Woah! What a steal of a price!!

This sale is pending as I am still talking to Firedbird3D who contacted me first. Thank you all for viewing.

I would pay you 2900 plus shipping.

I’ll purchase this also if the above fall through.

@GrahamDesigned @User_8862 @Audiomack @en3DStudios_com @AvatarMachining @jaredgray

You guys are fortunate you didn’t give @Audiomack $2,600 ($2500+$100 shipping)

He took my money, and never sent the printer. Do not buy from this user.

He wrote me arguing he had a “second backup printer” willing to sell for $2k and same configuration, but “no paypal please!”.

Something was smelling fishy at that point. Sorry for your loss and hope you reported this criminal and get back what you’re owed!

Yeah, I should have backed out when he said no PayPal. But He and I signed an agreement, so i thought it was legit. The agreement stated that He would ship the same day I sent payment. But he made up a story about his wife going into Labor.

Being a new father I sympathized. But that was my mistake I guess. Trusting in people to be decent.
Then the printer “got sent to the wrong address” and then it was “rerouted back to him” and here we are a month later with no printer.

Sorry to hear that @Firebird3D. One thing I noticed about the guy is that he signed up just before posting that. That may not necessarily be a red flag, just noticed it. I hope the rest of 2019 re-pays you. Appreciate you posting back about this scandal, it’s good to reflect on the fact that not everyone is decent and that you should be skeptical, but honestly I would have probably followed through with the same way you did.

@Audiomack I hope that this weighs on your conscious for all of eternity, thinking about it first thing every day and every night, it’s a disgrace what you have done.

I guess the lesson learned is that buying via a forum obviously provides no accountability. A seller could do this on eBay (though I think that eBay ultimately reconciles the issue), but I’ve never heard of such a thing. I might be skeptical now of Offer Up if the seller requests money up front.