Recently purchased a formlab 2
Printer Using the Castable Blue resin but it is very expensive . Does anyone know Of what other brand I can use ? As a replacement for this resin

I honestly wouldn’t recommend using other resins. I tried this a year or so ago and the results were generally very poor with non formlabs resins.

I haven’t used 3rd part resins though in contest to what @PlastiPrint3D as mentioned, you might take a look at this post if you haven’t already seen it:

3rd party resin in closed mode Form 2 printer

@Tinkerer has been using old tanks so that it’s possible to print in closed mode which claimed to produce better prints than in open mode.

I would just give it a shot if I were you and see how it goes.

Also, the tanks can be expensive as well, a guy on youtube shows how he modified an old warn out tank to make it reusable: Recoating Formlabs Form2 tank and changing to glass bottom

Good luck and if you have any success post back!

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Yep, that module works perfectly :wink:

3rd party resins used to be an issue with the form 2 but there are now several manufacturers around who produce decent resins and I am in contact with others who are working in getting compatible resins as well.

The universal cartridge enables all the “closed mode” functions for 3rd party resins. Users have reported a significant increase in part dimensional stability and smoothness of the parts.

Some resins are Applylabwork, photocentric, 3dresyn, digitalforge, etc.

One example of an excellent combination of the universal cartridge and 3rd party resins is bluecast resin. It creates beautiful prints.