I have a barely used Glowforge Pro with extras in perfect working condition. I can’t stress enough but this printer is truly as pristine as you’ll find. I bought this unit for my wife’s handcraft activities but hasn’t seen much use as planned. We are not getting enough business to warrant keeping it right now as it sits lonesome in a box.
Bundle includes original packaging with all original accessories and proof grade materials. Looking to get $3500 for the entire package…Pm if interested. Thanks

Still available…
Open to reasonable offers…Thanks

Can u lower the price

@typtribe is the Glowforge still available?

Yes its very much available for sale. Thanks

Thanks. I have a few questions about it if you don’t mind.
How long have you had it?
Since your original post have you started using it again?
Is it hard to use, cumbersome, not intuitive? I’m trying to understand more why your wife didn’t use it. (Trying to make sure I don’t fall into that same routine)
What forms of payment will you take?

is this still for sale?

Sorry for the delayed response, yes it’s available for sale. You can easily reach me at this email: allbepan@aol.com, keep in touch. Thanks