Hi guys,

I am relatively new to 3D printing. I have had issues with my Flashforge Finders Hotend and had to replace it. I got the part and installed it today but when i turn on my machine and try to heat it up its coming up saying its already at 100% and at 288 Degrees but is at room temperature when i touch it. I have unplugged and re-plugged in the hot end and Thermocoupler, but still its coming up as 288/287 and degrees and room temperature when i turn it on immediately. Please any help would be much appreciated


The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a short in a wire.

I’d pull the thermo out completely and then plug in and see what you get.

Did you get the parts from FF? If not are you certain they are correct?

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Did you solve this issue? i have had the same problem for months rendering my finder useless after just 3 prints. i replaced thermocouple, heater cartridge, extruder circuit board and extruder ribbon cable and still nothing

Im curious did each of you have the thermocoupler with the black wires then switch to the new one with blue wire?

Yaa exactly…I also have doubts regarding it…Can we swith in the thermocouplers?From blact ot blue or vice versa dqfansurvey

It’s the thermocoupler. Read this page. I ordered the one for 12 bucks they recommended and it works perfectly and then I emailed flashforge to ask him what the deal is but haven’t heard back yet