i was able to get it leveled with the glass bed.

i ran into some adhesion problems but I think I’ve figured that out.

My problem is with layers not sticking together towards the middle of the print. I was printing a bulbasaur piggy bank and it started out great. Towards 54% it ended up air printing after one of the support layers didn’t stick to the previous layer.

It is printing in abs. What could I try adjusting on my settings?

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This looks like you had one complete layer that was off. You can see it on the line around the print.

Possible mechanical.

It looks to me like that layer was misplaced, which led to the next layer not printing where it should have, creating sections inside that had printed where there was no filament, weakening it, until it finally got pulled off.

Probably not a settings issue.

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Yeah the nozzle ended up hitting the print and moving the whole glass. I had to pause it and move the glass back. The part that failed was a good amount after it. It was an inner support. Didn’t stick and started air printing

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What would cause the abs print to start peeling off the bed? I’ve tried the blue mat and hair spray. Blue tape and hair spray. And glue stick but nothing gets it to stay down. I’m printing at 235 for the extruded and 115 for the bed 25% infill

Hi @Eric_Eskobar have to ask this, but are you sure the problem is with layer adhesion? It’s a little odd to see that as a problem so far into a print, and with no signs (from what I can see in the photos) of it happening earlier. Is it possible the filament has jammed, or has stripped in the extruder? DId you end up with a bunch of unattached extruded filament spaghetti, or did it simply stop extruding?

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I ended up with a lot of filament spaghetti from the inner supports.

ABS is notoriously difficult to get dialed in. I recommend folks to use PLA when they are first starting out. Once things get dialed in well, then go to ABS.

ABS shrinks as it cools. As your lower layers cool, they begin to shrink. Since the layers above it are still warm, they do not shrink as much yet. This causes curling on the lower layers.

The key is to get to the right printing temp, usually as low as possible to still get good prints.

The other key is to try to keep the whole interior of the print as warm as possible, usually with an enclosed print area.

You can also try helper disks - http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2013/04/19/keep-corners-flat-with-makerwares-helper-discs

Long flat areas and square corners shrink the most.

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