is developing the leading digital library of 3D-printable manipulatives for K-12 STEM education backed with vetted curriculum. Their Kickstarter ends this evening at 5:30 pm EST, which is only 6 hours away! Featuring a library of over 50 kits in a wide array of subject-matter and grades, their library is by far the most-extensive attempt at bringing 3D printing into schools in a meaningful way - without the prerequisite knowledge of 3D modeling.

Check out their Kickstarter and support affordable education through 3D printing! : 3D Printing for K-12 Education by My STEM Kits — Kickstarter

As of the posting of this, they needed less than $2000 to make their goal, and are offering a wide selection of kits both for schools with as well as those without 3D printers!


This is a great idea, hope you guys made it!

@boydconnor, glad you love our idea! Unfortunately we did not make our funding goal, but we’re definitely going to continue moving forward. Please follow us on Facebook: or Twitter, to keep up-to-date on what we’re doing!