I just got my monoprice select mini 3d printer, and the filament is stuck. I can’t even take out the filament! I had printed multiple prints before this, and I assume it may be a clog or a jam?

What should I do to fix this?

Are you trying to change filaments? Are you following the filament removal instructions for your printer? You have to heat the extruder and most likely run an unload filament routine on the printer. You pull on the filament as it unloads.

Make sure that you heat up your printer before trying to remove the filament.


There are several ways to deal with it, depending on where it’s stuck, and how badly it’s stuck. And

yes, it’s a clog. Think of it as serious as having a flat tire on your car. Got to fix it, but it’s not the

worst thing that can happen.

Google ‘clear 3d clog filament’ and you will find any number of suggestions. If you have enough

slack, the Atomic Pull is the usual remedy. Heat the hot end up ten to fifteen degrees hotter

than you normally run, then try pushing the filament through and pulling it back out. Don’t

keep the temp up that high for long, just long enough to reach it. You don’t want to cook

the filament.

Once you have it cleared, suggest you buy one or more replacement nozzles and

heat breaks. You can get them cheap on Amazon, under ten or twenty dollars, total.

Also, look at swapping the hot end fan from a 30mm to a 40mm. It’s an easy change,

and it reduced my clogs to almost nil. I just had my first bad clog in four months

of heavy printing. That was when I swapped out my fan and also installed an E3D

clone all metal hot end. I don’t know which is more important, but I suspect the

larger fan is the main reason thing are running more smoothly.

Finally, as I suggest to anyone who has acquired a Monoprice Mini - join the

Facebook group. There are over 8k users and tons of helpful information and


Good luck!

This happened to me as well. I just did a cold pull and problem solved! nothing had to be replaced. Have a look at this video Basics: Cleaning out a clogged nozzle! - YouTube Tom covers a few ways to clean a nozzle, including cold pulls. I did this with PLA and worked very well, if memory serves the nozzle had to be about 120 before I could pull it out.

Hope this helps and Goodluck!

If the filament in your mini 3D printer is stuck and you have no idea whatsoever of how to get it corrected, you could try heating the extruder, running an unload filament on the printer.

But if even this doesn’t help, get the assistance of an expert.

I had this EXACT same problem. No amount of pulling helped and heating it up didn’t cut it. What you need to do is heat your printer well above the normal printing temp and remove the fan (2 metal springs hold it on and are relatively easy to remove) leave it just hanging there and don’t loose the clips. Let your printer sit at that temp for 5 to 15 minutes. It should be able to pull loose at that point. Than vigorously feed filament through your machine to clean out the nozzle. Attach your fan and resume printing. (Worked for me at least).