Any suggestions? I’ve basically been unable to start any prints as the filament doesn’t stick and creates an ugly mess on the extruder. My friend uses a Flashforge and suggested using hairspray (aquanet) to increase the tackiness of build tape and decrease this kind of issue.

Has anybody else run into this problem with the Dremel20 and how have you overcome it?

Wich filament are you using? If its ABS go with Buildtak. Its a quite inexpenisve Sheet of special material. Im Now able to print pretty big parts with abs and no warping or Dislocating of the print. If its PLA try the Hairspray, Glue, Painterstape aproach. You can also use Buildtak for PLA. But it can also have something to do with your Bedleveling. Make sure your First layer is spread enough to get good adhesion.

Hope i could help you somewhat, and if so consider dropping some likes.

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Hi @goofycaca I’m not sure I understand your question, are you using blue painters tape that isn’t sticking to the bed, or is the filament not sticking to the blue tape, or are you not using tape at all and mean “bed” when you say “tape”? Sorry if I’m not reading it clearly.

If it is the tape that’s causing the problem, I found there’s a big difference between blue tape brands. The first one I tried was a respected brand (quite expensive) but it really didn’t work. I then found that everyone seemed to use ScotchBlue tape and it was completely different in terms of both sticking to the bed and for filament sticking to the tape. So if you’re not using this one: it might be worth giving that a try.

However, I rarely use the tape anymore since I’ve applied PEI sheets to my printers. PEI really is a wonder; for PLA it’s almost perfect - great adhesion and removal with no need for tape or glue, etc. For ABS I still find a bit of Elmers purple glue is a help for larger parts, but it’s still better than tape. It’s not cheap, but it’ll save you a bunch of time and frustration in the long run.

The issue seemed to be the bed leveling. I spoke with my friend and he mentioned that even a minor adjustment can make a huge difference.

For the record I am using the large Dremel build plate tapes that come with the instrument. I have not heard or tried the painters tape methods. I have not modded the unit to contain a heated build plate so I am only using PLA right now. Modding the unit is something I will probably do in the future.

So are you just sticking the painters tape in layers to cover the entire build plate? Do you overlap it at all or just try to get the strips perfectly side by side? I have leveled the bed and check it each time, but I am finding that the dremel black tape is no longer working that great. It says up to 50 prints… I’ve done maybe 18 and things just aren’t sticking to it anymore that great, it feels smooth to the touch also. Thanks for the help you may offer in advance.