I completed my V3 3d printer last night, but I can’t seem to get the filament to feed through. When I push it through it seems to get stuck, not sure if I have some misaligned and need to take it apart :frowning:

I tried doing a test print to see if it would feed itself through but no luck there, it started printing but nothing coming out.

Just wondered of anyone could tell me how far it should push down or if It should feel like its being pushed through the gears?


Hi @vpatel27

Does anything extrude at all or a little bit? What extruder, hotend, nozle, filament do you use? What is a temperature?

Generally you could be able to push material by hand easily. Please specify your setup and may be I can help:)

And last question: can you move out a filament easily or it seems to be stuck?

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Nothing comes out at all :frowning:

The filament comes out really easily and is not even warm.

I cant’ tell you what extruder, hotend, nozzle I use, its a printer I built from Eaglemoss, its called the V3

Hey, i also have this issue when putting new filament on my prusa i3 printer. My printhead doesn’t have the holes well aligned. Here’s what i do: Unscrew the fan and heatsink from the printer head(not the fan which blows onto the print surface). Using a light source, locate the hole which leads to the extruder head. You will also see the gear on the extruder motor shaft pressing against a bearing. Now push the filament into the printer head till it hits the gear and bearing. Using the control software go to the position menu and find the “extruder position” setting. Let the extruder move the filament past the bearing and close to the bottom hole. Now grab a small screwdriver and use it to align the filament tip with the hole and get the extruder motor to move the filament down the extruder. Now you should be good to go! Happy printing!



Thank you, yeah i thought i might have to undo some stuff, such a pain having to align the platform again

Does it looks melted?

Try sharpen filament tip into conical shape it should help if the small misalignment is a case. Measure distance to know where exactly a filament suck. Than you will know where to look for.

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I know this comment doesn’t help your extruding problem but, do yourself a favour and stop wasting your time.

Buy another printer preferably from China because, that’s what the V3 is.

A Chinese machine with a fanfare of the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Try emailing Eaglemoss or the Dbfactory and you will be directed to an automated hyperlink.

The Vector 3 is Not Fit For Purpose.

I am taking legal action against Eaglemoss.

Makes a great door-stopper though!

Kind Regards


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TBH it was just something to learn and get myself more hands-on now that I am mostly management in my day job.

Didn’t have many issues during the build, just one cross-threading issue which in honesty took weeks to resolve and only after really bad review on Trusted Reviews did I get action.

But its all built I am hoping I can get it to print a few things at least.

But let me know how you get on, as I am not envisaging any great help from the “geek squad” at Eaglemoss.

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Is the hotend getting hot? Or reaching the right temperature?

If you don’t have an IR temp sensor:

heat it up, then with a piece of your filament wipe it across the nozzle. Does it melt?

You say it’s not warm, I think that may be a contributing factor.


Preheat is ok ?

Is it getting hot enough?

Try removing the nozzle and see if you can feed it through.

Thank you everyone for your help… I will try all these out tonight and let you know if I get to print a chess piece lol

Try this:
- Check if the temperature of hotend is correct
- Check the motor amperage extruder, you may have little strength.
- Make sure that the filament is not too tight between the gear and pulley.
- Pass a proper gauge drill the hole through which the filament, so it smooth and not jamming.

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Using printed parts from another 3D printer It is always Prudent to run a 2mm drill bit through all the Holes for a 1.75mm and a 4mm Drill bit through the holes of a 3mm filament just to avoid binding. another method is to manualy feed when your putting the filament through for the first time.

An obvious problem Is your heater hot enough for your plastic?

Extruder PLA 190C to 220C base 75C on a Plexy base

ABS 234 to 260C Base 125C

HIPS 244 to 290C base 170C Keep in mind that is close to the Melting point fothe Plexy.

there is a difference between the melting temp and Sticking Temp

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the late update, so I got it extruding and I got it sticking to the plate, now next challenge to get it printing a proper circle lol

a really good way to align parts is to use filament fed right to the hot end tip and run the filament back and fourth and then tighten. this way you can find any hangups. keep in mind the softer or Brittle the plastic the more chance it has of braking or Jamming. if your using PLA it absorbs water from the air so Seal the Roll when not in use a Freezer vacuum sealer is good but if you use gels packs that come with the spool just put them in a 150C oven for an hour and you will regain there Water absorbing ability.

I had trouble getting material to feed. I found that a piece of filament had broken off in the extruder.