Hi, Iv been having trouble with extrusion on my ender 3 and i don’t know what it could be. the filament that is being extruded is coming out at various thicknesses and causing a lot of resistance when its doing so.
my initial thought was the extruder is blocked so i preformed a cold pull then i replaced the nozzle and put it back together and it still persisted. the image of the filament shows the inconsistency and i got measurements of over 1 mm thickness with the nozzle being 0.4 (also a new nozzle so not damaged).
ill try be as detailed as i can to narrow down any suggestions:
i tried temps from 195-235,
made sure the nozzle has that small gap between the heater block so the nozzle can be tightened fully,
i heated the nozzle to 235 when tightening the nozzle,
i made sure the bowden tube had a flat cut and i marked the tube to ensure it wasn’t dislodging,
the filament is geetech brown PLA,
i also have the bulls eye cooling upgrade on with a silicon cover,
when testing the extrusion of the filament i turned off the part cooling fan to reduce any resistance,
the filament is also extruding straight as long as its extruding very slowly

Is this an extrusion just in air like when loading filament?
How does it do on a first layer?
Does the extruder have a PTFE tube in it? Could be bad.

Sounds like there could be resistance in the Bowden setup. Do you hear any clicking form the filament drive stepper indicating it is struggling?

If the filament becomes tangled, or the spool has too much resistance to spin freely! it will impact how evenly the evenly the filament is extruded through the nozzle.