Hello, i have a probkem with my reprap and i can’t print because of it. My PLA filament is curling inside the hotend and not comming out from the nozzle. It is very hard to push it like it is not hot enough. I am extruding at 230 and nothing comes out. Can the filament be ABS not PLA. On the package it says PLA.

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Heat is your problem. Heat is rising up in your hotend and melting the filament too early, making it to curl like your first picture shows. That’s also the reason that E3D Hotends (look them up) have a fan blowing at 100% at the hotend all the time. You want to have a hot zone at the bottom, and a cold zone at the top of your hotend.

What kind of Hotend do you have? A picture could help.

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It sounds like something is jammed up. Did you take off the nozzle to see if the path is clear ??

Abs would still extruder at 230 c.

your hot end is likely clogged, heat it up and push a piano wire up into the nozzle and “push” the clog up and out the extruder top. You may need to remove extruder drive to get the rollers out of the way

read the manuels ,and learn what to do with clogged hotends , more info is also plaesed .

my car is not running is not an much info??

see e3d troubleshooting and “cold pull up” method.

cleaning your hotends is very important,

hope you learn it .



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SOLUTION Its a simple problem. All you need to do is insert a PTFE tube in the extruder throat. This will solve your problem… Guarenteed. PS: It goes without saying that the extruder fan must always be on. Could you please do this and confirm your result here.

Looks to hight for PLA, I use about 195ºC,

About the curling, does your hotend have a fan? if so is it on?

Looks like the heat is passing the heatbreak up the barrel

I had the same problemin one of mine. Either clean the nozzle with cleaning filament or replace it, then try 205ish for your print temp. Pla usually had a lower print temperature. Check the recommendations for your printer to avoid this happening

The problem was really simple. I have mistaken the type thermistor in the maarlin software. Aand when it shows 200° it actually was 100°. And becuse i pushed the filament it curled.

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that wassssss misssssing info , you are playing with the sofware and did not tell it ??

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I think that the nozzle is suffering a clog and you need to clean it up soon for getting the prints. There are number of ways to clean a 3D printer’s nozzle and all these depend on the kind of material which has been used to print.

Rather than being an ass, why not ask for the information that would be helpful?