Help! I have a Qidi Tech 3d printer and the push release to remove the plastic filament rod from the feeder head broke. I patiently tried pushing it to release for about an hour but no luck. Then it finaly broke so now i need to get new parts. Not happy camper right now with Qudi Tech but hoping someone here can stir me in the right direction to getting this fixed. Here are two pics of the damage and thx for any help!

Hardware store or plumbing store or Amazon. Common part.

Looks like you got pretty rough with it. these a re a bit tricky to get to release but once you get it then it is easy.

You can probably still print fine the way it is.

Check in on the Facebook group QIDI 3D for additional help.

hi thlorian,

I had the same problem a while a go. lucky for me a had a spare part… but this is a good site where u can order these kinds of items.

This is also the side where i bought my kossel XL.

Hope this will help u out!

Not sure where you from. Normally you can buy them locally. Amazon also have sell. Just remember to bring the sample along when buy them to make sure the thread is match. Good luck :slight_smile: