I’m curious about what high speed resin (DLP/SLA/etc.) printers are currently on the market that have the ability to create fairly accurate models. I would like to have several machines like this to help support our Objet/Projet machines prototyping needs, which are extremely accurate and have large build areas, but are slow and costly to use. My intentions would be to have several of these set up to produce super-fast prototypes for fit/finish/assembly/photography and to be able to see the parts in hand for visual/aesthetic properties before releasing for production tooling.

What machines look capable of filling this need? As a business, we prefer to not do any KickStarter backing or anything similar, so whatever you suggest will hopefully already be released on the market and ready for purchase. I would like to have something close to 5x5x5 build area, larger if possible but slightly smaller might be ok if speed/price are good. Non-proprietary resin use would also be nice, but again, not a priority. I would like to be able to print over 70mm/hr on the z-axis.

The Carima C-CAT, Carbon3D CLIP, NewPro3D machines all look great but are either not in production yet or are expensive to lease (not own). A few others I’ve seen discussed are the Uniz3D Slash, Team Owl Works Morpheus (Mark 4), G3DSys T-1000, Kudo3D Titan 2 and also the Gizmo3D machines.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!

Depends what’s the definition of HIGH SPEED resin printer. I would say No, there is none. There is definitely a few seconds/minutes difference between the printers you mentioned to finish the same model but I don’t call some of them faster than the others and I think the problem is not just the printer itself, it’s the resin too. If there’s a resin with super fast cure time with lowest viscosity possible then it shouldn’t be that hard to make a printer to pull your model out of the resin in a few seconds like the terminator movie in reverse.

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I’m mainly speaking about the ability to print/cure layers very quickly. It seems there are several technologies in play, like the NewPro3D, Carbon3D, Uniz Slash, where the machines are significantly faster with their speed claims than most other companies. If there is a fast curing resin that is capable of being used in most machines, wouldn’t they put the max speeds they could print with their specs? While I do understand that the resin cure time plays a major, major role in being able to cure layers quickly, I think there are many other factors in play that allow some machines to print much faster than others (lasers vs. DLP, layer thickness, bottom-up vs top-down printing, etc.)

From what I’ve found, most SLA/DLP machines print between 20-30mm/hr when printing “fast”. Claims of around 70mm/hr are being made by several machine makers, but this list is much more narrow. Even more narrow still is the list of machines that can print 150mm/hr or more. Obviously printing at very fast speeds, I may see some detail degradation, but that is expected to some degree with any 3D printers I’ve ever heard seen.

Anyone? Anything??